What We Do

Any scale. Any scope. Any industry. We can deliver the complete process start to finish or we can step in at any stage in the information governance game. Whether auditing, developing or implementing programs, experience in the industry has allowed MDC the opportunity to tackle projects with needs as different as day and night.

The MDC service offering generally falls into three functional categories. The core services of each are listed below.

1. Data Auditing

We start by conducting a baseline review of the situation. With our analysis in hand, we make recommendations as they relate to:

  • Corporate and industry best practices
  • Risk assessment
  • Regulatory compliance review
  • Statistical analysis and visualizations

2. Program Development

Composition of a complete and progressive information governance framework, including but not limited to:

  • Archives
  • Business intelligence
  • Classification and taxonomy governance
  • Clean up and destruction processes/justification
  • Content management and data stewardship
  • Metadata and records management
  • Virtually paperless/electronic environments

3. Implementation

Once the comprehensive program is developed we help get it off the ground. We will stay in the game, working to roll out, train teams and facilitate a smooth launch and adoption process. We will:

  • Compose and uniformly adopt an information governance framework
  • Roll out planning and management
  • Training and education
  • Serve as a department liaison


Our clients include titles of all types. From records managers and infrastructure services teams to CIOs, we know our audience and work to serve them according to their interests, needs and preferred styles.

Whatever the function of the contact MDC comes to call a client, we provide one on one customer service with a collaborative spirit. MDC sets out to understand your needs and develop systems to serve those needs.

Moreover, MDC has been known to naturally become a department liason facilitating critical communication and workflow between different teams involved in the information governance process.


“If your company is in data overload, I can help you sort through every last byte to create a manageable system for effectively accessing and using the information you need and losing data you don’t.”

– Mimi Dionne, Founder & Consultant, MDC

“Mimi helped us put $40,000 back into our budget by reducing our spend on storage we just didn’t need once our information was properly managed and systems put in place to keep it organized.”

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