The MDC methodology is carefully tuned to specific client needs as driven by industry, size or position in the business lifecycle. The Impact of our work is measurable against productivity, compliance rates and the bottom line.

Working with MDC is distinct from the big firm experience in that the MDC process is personalized and customized. We start with an onsite assessment. It’s really just a simple visit during which MDC listens and ask questions. During this initial 2-hour assessment, you will be asked to:

  • Provide some detail of the data situation that exists.
  • Share any pain points your company is experiencing.
  • Outline the requirements for success.

When it’s time to get to work, MDC provides hands on, roll up the sleeves, dive in capabilities. Experience is efficiency.

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Mimi Dionne Founded MDC Consulting in 2015 and began consulting full time just a year later. Mimi has a special capacity to process huge amounts of corporate information to create a menu of organic, flexible information governance options. She has a track record of helping organizations understand complex business challenges, transforming processes and systems, and leading multifaceted technical initiatives.

Practices include:
  • Streamlining workflow; creating manageable, accessible and usable sets of information.
  • Customizing information governance policies and best practices.
  • Managing roll out and supporting compliance.
  • Leveraging information to facilitate better decisions.
  • Delivering results that benefit the bottom line and create security.