Organize Early and Organize Often

Entrepreneurs: pay attention to the information management governance framework now.

Organize early and organize often. If you don’t, in as little as five years you’re going to need professionals like me to cleanup your multiple content platforms.

Don’t misunderstand – I want the work. I want to establish the policies, the records retention schedule, the process maps, and the Version Next content platform governance framework. I’ll scrub email so clean it will shine like the top of the Chrysler building. You need to capture social media expression for long-term archival use? Let’s do this now. Together.

Industry standard says it costs roughly $4,000 USD to set up a terabyte of data. How many team members share your dream? Storage creation plus information management best practices equals streamlined costs today and cash flow tomorrow.

I know it’s easier to think about this tomorrow. But do you want to spend even the smallest part of your profits in data mining – “looking for the diamonds in the dirt” – once your Big Idea takes flight? Don’t you prefer to reward your work family with a higher bonus in a few years rather than spend the resources on cleanup? If you’re specific – especially if you practice what you preach (because best information management practices happen top-down) information management will be less expensive and less painful in the long term.

Don’t let your dream become the company that doesn’t leverage its delete button. Create the information management framework early. Trust a records professional to workflow the content. They will help you decide what objects will be kept or discarded in a timely basis according to the appropriate best practice and legal citations for your industry. They will provide document standards for today-forward naming conventions. Rely on them to help you weigh risks and streamline platforms. Organize early and organize often.