What We Do

Mimi Dionne Consulting (MDC) provides a customized approach to transforming enterprise content management into information governance compliance.

Creating and applying information governance and organizational structure into a usable framework is what MDC does best. MDC reviews, processes and systematically organizes digital information and implements best practices for saving, storing and searching for data. The byproducts of these efforts are workflow efficiencies, mitigated legal and compliance risks, and fiscal savings.


Why We’re Different

Working with MDC is distinct from the big firm experience in that the MDC process is personalized and customized. We start with an onsite assessment. It’s really just a simple visit during which MDC listens and asks questions.

“If your company is in data overload, I can help you sort through every last byte to create a manageable system for effectively accessing and using the information you need and losing data you don’t.”

– Mimi Dionne, Founder & Consultant, MDC

“Mimi helped us put $40,000 back into our budget by reducing our spend on storage we just didn’t need once our information was properly managed and systems put in place to keep it organized.”

Who We Serve

MDC speaks the language of records managers, infrastructure services departments, and CIOs. In fact, we tailor our presentations, reports and implementation materials to the mindset and interests of the client contact with whom we’re working.

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We’re In Print

We couldn’t be more pleased to share the big news! Building Trustworthy Digital Repositories is now on bookshelves and available for purchase online. Our very own Mimi Dionne contributed to the project which offers lessons learned from her file share clean up project for a local energy company. Check it out! 

Philip C. Bantin has succeeded in bringing together an impressive team of forty-three archivists, educators, and practitioners to develop this much needed, comprehensive and authoritative work…Seasoned professionals will benefit from the experiences of pioneering practitioners describing projects implemented in the workplace…Philip’s book is a “must-have” resource for archival and records management students, researchers, and professionals.

Patricia C. Franks, CA, CRM

Program Coordinator, Master's Degree in Archives and Records Management, School of Information, San José State University

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